Kitten La Moda embodies the freedom of beauty through photographic discovery accompanied by an adoration of possibility with ever-changing fashion. Style stalking local muses - creatives and artist children alike - to form a mosaic of beautiful lives expressed via unique (albeit transient) personal style.

Told through the eyes of a wanderlust driven fashion photographer. KLM takes inspiration from real life muse, Lucius the cat, a precociously cheeky blue burmese furbaby and eclectic street style visual storytelling, respectively.

Kitten La Moda sets out to colour the skies, brighten your rainy days and deliver reliable inspiring fashion news straight to your narcissistic newsfeed. Pin it. Google+, tweet, fb, love/hate. We're here to stay.

Allura Maison, the blogger behind KLM, is an Australian professional photographer. Now based in Melbourne. Freshly returned from life changing worldwide sabbatical. Likes to think she's the love child of Rachel Zoe and Andy Warhol. Sarcastically weird, off beat humour, indie music & arthouse film fascination-ist, lover of cats, believes can change the world....someday, people that smile with their eyes, meaning behind words, hopeless optimist wanting to smile with strangers from all across the globe :) 70s illustration & minimalist art, typography, positive thinking, sunrises & sunsets.

Featured in Women In Action interview.

For all media & other enquiries - allura@kittenlamoda.com
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