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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy First Week of Summer, Australia!

Que Onda, Kittens? Here in Australia we are celebrating the very first week of summer goodness. It's been a relatively frustrating start to warmer delights here in the Southern Hemisphere. Almost every day through November it rained, or maybe that's just Melbourne. ;) Either way I'm so happy things are finally heating up…. can you say cute outfits without carting around a gazillions jackets/umbrellas and other girly things that'll salvage your day when you've been rained upon? HELLYEAAAAH! COME AT ME SUMMER. Best season of the entire year. Happy days ahead.

As super powty as I get with this city's rainfall exceeding quota, you gotta admit on a clear day… It sure is beautiful! :)
So this is how I spent the first day of Summer. Soaking up some rays at my fav beach, St Kilda.

Followed by my favourite healthy indulgence, fresh strawberries. Can you say #hashtag: clean eating. Am I doing it right?!

Want to know what's coming up next on Kitten La Moda? My Summer Must Haves list & upcoming Style Kittens! (yes, you read correctly, there's more than 1 coming your way! YAYYYY!)

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Friday, November 29, 2013

SNEEK PEEK VIDEO: BTS from latest photoshoot with beautiful MeganCook & upcoming STYLE KITTEN!

Heya kittens! 

Here's a sneaky BTS video from latest KLM editorial photo shoot with the super gorgeous Megan of stateofmegan.blogspot.com! :)

Also to get you curious about next feature on beautiful Emily - coming your way soon. This girl gives chic a new meaning! Are you excited to learn more?!!!! 
Allura xxx

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

STYLE KITTEN #6: Hannah St James

When you hear the name Hannah St James chances are you already know who I am talking about. The persona that follows such a creative kitten is highly intriguing and a little intimidating. Fashion lover, Stylist, Model, Designer and Canberra Fashion Festival founder just to name a few.

Hannah is just as beautiful a person inside as she is on her flawlessly styled fashionable exterior. I've had many a "I feel you" D&M with her, and knew we'd probz be besties since before first met and worked together. There's some wonderful people in this world that exist to just "get" you. Luckily for me, creatively, this is Miss St James.

Walking into Hannah's trendy Kingston apartment that she shares with her beau, I wasn't prepared for the gorgeous colourful racks of clothing she had specially itemised as options for the shoot. It looked everything you might assume a Stylist's apartment might look. The design aesthetic was that of a retail space but with boxes of jewellery and hidden treasures. Hints of personal touches that beamed with her quirky personality every time you noticed a gleaming colour pop of different textiles.

One of my absolute favourite makeup artists to work with, Jolina O'Hair, well known local artist whose work regularly features in online campaigns and print; was doing Hannah's dramatic makeup. The lovely thing about Jolina is her work ethic, she is always on time and comes with 100 percent commitment to achieving beautiful end results. Her passion is literally visually evident. Every time we work together, I am incredibly grateful because it's the teams you build that produce consistent high fashion that in turn you ultimately want to book over and again. Let's just say, after this shoot.... I found myself with some serious hot pink lipstick envy and I knew there would be only one way to overcome that = buy new fuchsia lipstick, obvi!

We shot at the National Gallery of Australia. Marrying the two greatest loves of my life. Yes. You guessed correctly, Fashion and Art. Never has there been a better love story. And can I just say, nothing has ever looked better? Especially with the James Turrell Skyspace light/architectural installation and entrance infinity pool... from looking at some shots, you almost feel transported into another time. Something more futuristic in nature, perhaps. Props to NGA for the exterior makeover. The space looks so very inspired and dream like. ME GUSTA MUCHO!

Unfortunately it wasn't the most amazing weather that afternoon. Sporadic showers of rain getting darker and darker by the minute. As a result some of these shots were taken while light was quickly leaving the sky. Hannah was a champ for putting up with the cold and soldiering on till got the shots needed.

One of the things I love about shooting Hannah is her uncanny ability to quickly perceive, adjust and perfect posing required. She creates these beautiful effortless geometric shapes with such ease.

Which outfit was your favourite look? Don't forget to comment at the end of this post if you likey! We'd love to hear from you :):):)

Allura xo

Question 1:  Tell me about yourself - what do you do, passions, brings happiness?  Tell about work, journey as a stylist/model, how long in the industry? 

Hannah: "I run my own business as a freelance Stylist, Event Manager and Model/MC. Although I do lots of different things under that umbrella, including writing, designing, PR, and I’m about to launch an exciting new project that I can’t really talk about right now (I know that sounds so lame) but it will be taking up a lot of my time. My passion is fashion right now, but I love music and writing and film (watching and participating in) and without these non-fashion outlets I couldn’t do as much fashion work as I do, for me I need to dilute it with other things. That said, I never get sick of looking at beautiful clothes and dreaming about what I could do with them, that brings me SO much happiness. I have a really reclusive, quiet side and I love the madness and frenetic energy of being on set, but I absolutely adore quite times relaxing at home with my fiancé. I need to re charge my batteries and I love being at home with my man and my collection, working and dreaming away, or (on the rare opportunity we can) just doing nothing, bliss. "

Question 2:  Tell about work, journey as a stylist/model, how long in the industry? 

Hannah: "I’ve always been interested in fashion, and from a young age I designed all kinds of clothes and gowns. In high school I would customise my clothes or wear them backwards and that was really the start of my interest in ‘Styling’.  When I worked in the Public Service a few years ago I collected a number of private clients and practiced styling them from my ridiculously massive, ever expanding wardrobe. When I began modeling (2009) I loved being in front of the camera and getting the images back, but I wanted more creative control, and I knew I could put some good outfits together, so I volunteered myself as a fashion stylist and started getting experience that way. Eventually that lead to me working as a freelance Stylist for photoshoots and events, and also as the Wardrobe Supervisor on indie feature film Theatre of The Dead, working as the PR Intern for Fashion Palette 2012, Founding and Producing Canberra’s first Fashion Festival – Avant Garden 2012, and being published locally and internationally (as a Stylist and Fashion Writer). I have a few amazing clients that I adore and I get to do a fair bit of travel for work with my finace, which is a real luxury, I’m very lucky. Recently I appeared as a guest Judge for a panel for Wayne Cooper’s next intern, I had to keep pinching myself. "

Question 3:  Describe your style in 3 words? 

Hannah: "Chic, Timeless, Fun."

Question 4:  Who inspires you, what style icons do you look to for inspo?  

Hannah: "My ultimate style icon is Audrey Hepburn. Her elegance is timeless, her taste is impeccable, and I think she personifies the essence feminine style. I have a few classic Audrey prints in my apartment, and she is my ultimate style icon. My mother  passed on her classic taste and in-depth knowledge of sewing and fashion, and her inherited wisdom is one of the reasons I was able to skip enrolling in Styling school, thanks Mum! So while I don’t look to her for inspiration, I can see that her tastes have heavily shaped mine. My favorite streetstyle icon, and I hate to give this one away because it’s so damn good, is Maffashion aka Juliet K, a Polish Model and Blogger, who honestly has some of the best street style in the world. Yeah. The world. My inspiration also comes from real people, from people I pass in the street, from random shiz on the internet, from weird ideas I hear or have, from everywhere. I’m very visual and my eyes are always open, drinking it all in."

Question 5:  Who is fav designer?

Hannah: "My achilles heel is Chanel. At a very young age, my grandmother, Elizabeth, introduced me to Chanel and the world of high fashion, and  it was the beginning of the end for my bank account. On top of this sentimental connection, I adore Chanel’s classic yet modern designs, amazing accessories and shows, and it’s easy to see why this fashion house has become a powerhouse. The other Maestro is of course McQueen, but there isn’t enough time in the day to talk about love for McQueen. However, there’s a tonne of amazing Australian designers rising through the fashion ranks that I absolutely love, Paolo Sebastian, Anaessia, Begitta, Dion Lee, Bec & Bridge, Romance Was Born, Blackmilk Clothing, and I simply love all of these labels.  Question 6:  What are fav fashion/ accessory items of the mo? Hannah: "I’m rocking a much more clean, edgy look these days, I tend to wear my big gold man style watch with my gold Pamela Love Talon Cuff. I’m about to get my Estelle Deve Jurassic necklace which I’ve been waiting to buy for a looooooong time and I cannot wait. For summer I’m going to be glued to my Karen Walker Number One sunnies, they may be last season but a classic is a classic! I’m also loving stacked gold rings, but I’ve worn that heaps so now I have to pace myself. Last but not least my new Converse high tops, they are multicolored and cray cray and I love them. "

Question 7:  What are you dying to wear this Summer?

Hannah: "As usual, the warmer weather for me means it’s time to break out my silk tank tops and denim cut offs, yaaaaay! I love rocking heels with cute acid wash destroyed denim shorts, I especially love ‘The Kate Moss’ i.e. wearing all grey and light pieces, with a rock and roll shoe, so hot. I have these great little blue/turquoise points from Portmans that will look amaze with so many things. I’m also going to get on the cropped top trend and wear some ¾ black skinny jeans with a few black cropped tops I’ve picked up (Ritchie Rich Wilde At Heart Bralette highly recommended).  I’m also going to be really daring and rock white on white. I’m actually a bit spazzy and can’t normally be trusted with food and white clothing, but I’ve tried a few times lately and surprisingly, succeeded in not covering my white clothes in food, so I’m going to keep wearing it. I will also be wearing my usual summer look which takes me from day to night, work to drinks, party to party; ‘The Lilly Allen’ ie a cute summer dress with sneakers/high tops, and some great accessories."

Question 8:  What do you predict will be trending this summer?

Hannah: "Monochromatic pieces and digital prints will be everywhere! So invest in some black and white or some crazy colour prints and have fun with it. Neon and pastel will be around for a few more months so I’m going to take full advantage and Harijuku it up  I love neon. White on white is back and bigger than ever, and Emerald Green will be huge, also orange which I detest, so if they’re good colours for you, enjoy. Ankle straps are in, but they can be your best friend or your worst enemy, so choose carefully. "

Question 9:  What is your favourite colour?

Hannah: "Fuchsia. Easy. I have a wardrobe full of fuscia clothes. I think at least 30% of my clothes must be a shade of fuchsia. It transcends season, always looks clean and chic, and goes with so many other colours and styles. I’ve had fuscia hair a few times and will again, I’m sure."

Question 10: Choose a song that describes you.

Hannah: "This is one of the hardest questions I’ve ever been asked! Probably ‘Smile Like You Mean It’ by The Killers but the David Grey cover. At the time it was released, it was a favourite song of mine, and incidentally it has played during several big moments in my life. Ontop of that, I feel like the lyrics resonate with me. I’ve always been way too honest and it’s caused me trouble a few times, so I guess I feel like the message of being true to yourself is especially relevant. As an artist, I think being true to yourself is more important than ever."

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dreamy Boho Photoshoot On Horseback

Earlier this year I worked with my beloved Canberra style team to create a dreamy earthy Wild West boho (on horseback) conceptual photo shoot that am super excited to now share with you, kittens. Modeled by KLM muse, Georgie Maguire, Dancer of Kokoloco Dance Studio & horse Bucky (gotta watch out for this boy, he'll steal your heart & lunch if not careful!). Hair design by the amazing Jessica Lewis and Make up by one of my faves, Lesley Johnston. Wardrobe styling by non other than Canberra's most fashionable stylist, Hannah St James. All in all, felt pretty fortunate to be shooting in a rural location away from the city. We worked on a friends farm in Googong, NSW to create this series. (Thank you Shannon and Kimberley!)

There's something uniquely beautiful about ditching the harsh studio lights in a dank room with white walls & get back to Mother Nature. Wide open spaces, fields of grass, sun bursts through clouds and the hint of animals around you. It was challenging working in changing conditions but definitely worth it. Having never really worked with animals before (unless you count insta selfies with my cat!) - it was a great learning curve with horses, specifically. Bucky was well behaved, a little young so made sure his trainer was on set. 
This may sound incredibly infantile but i do ever so wish every shoot could have animals at them! Put everyone in the happiest mood. It was lovely to be around. Positive vibes & laughs all day.

Perk of the job - sneaky selfie with one of the models!
Lesley MUA, Georgie Model & Myself

My favorite look was the first outfit selected by Hannah. Dreamy vintage white silk nightgown with peach lace dressing gown. Just adored the textures. Georgie looked so beautiful and carefree bohemian. Barefoot & ready for outback adventure!

Big thank you to the team & combined efforts in bringing this concept to life! 
Hope you like this editorial. Don't forget if you like it - comment on it!!! Which look did you like best? 

Allura xoxo

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Featured in Women In Action Interview

Heya Kittens,

Hope you are having a beautiful day wherever you are in the world. I am enjoying possibly the first warm sunny day of Spring. It's 30 degrees, the sun is out and gearing up to be attending gig of one of my faves, Matt Corby tonight. Having a nice visit at my home town, Canberra. In other words, life is pretty sweet right now!!

Super excited (can you tell?!) to share with you all I'm currently featured in Amazing, Inspiring Canberra blog interview 'Women in Action'. Incredibly honored & humbled to be included.

Click click to see interview.
To be informed of more Women in Action updates - like their facebook page.

Allura xxx

Sunday, September 8, 2013

MSFW: The Only Way Is Up Fashion Show

It's my favourite time of year: Spring Fashion Week in Melbourne. The benchmark for upcoming Australian style.... and best of all, when leaves start to change colour & flowers begin to blossom... warmer times are ahead! yayyyyy!!! CUE: EXCITEMENT! SEE YOU SOON, SUMMER.

Earlier this week I attended 'The Only Way Is Up' Fashion show. My friend, Mariska Thynne, the talented designer behind The Professor's Daughter label was showing. I went to the quirky event with my gorgeous friend & fellow fashion blogger, Megan Cook from State of Megan. Which as ironic fate might have it - we both moved from Canberra to Melbourne on the very same day. Pure coincidence. Or... fashionable fate, you decide. ;)

We had a fabulous time! The show was themed around vintage clothing, vintage inspired and upcycling emerging designers. Which, is kind of perfect for us as it suits our fashion tastes to a T. As a long time lover of finding old treasures in my local op shops and thrift stores... It was a feast to my eyes when discovered there were vintage stalls as well. Naturally, this happens on the week meant to be saving.... but it was fun exploring, nonetheless.

A much welcomed breath of fresh air as a few weeks earlier had attended another industry event and was less than impressed by the snooty environment. The universe sure has a fun way of balancing out your impressions when you move to a new city. Loving all the Melbourne Fashion events thus far - esp Fashion Week! So inspired and totally excited for the Australian Spring / Summer street style.

I can't wait to get creative with my style this season. Definitely have a few ideas to experiment with from the shows I've been watching. I'm thinking more floral (I know, gahhh how original!), geometric pattern layering, more black + white (this is delicious during any season), studded footwear + jewelled details and grecian boho inspired looks that rely on mixing different styles finished with gold metallic hair clips and elastic adornments - LOVE this look. That's just my personal taste; not necessarily what's 'in fashion' globally right this moment. </ end style rant>

The pre show was spent networking and chatting with designers, photographers and fashion bloggers. It was great - everyone was super lovely! Had some really interesting conversations, sipping on champagne, smiling for photo ops with new friends.

The show began with some strikingly strong pieces. I especially loved The Professor's Daughter range of new designs. My favourite was a high waisted royal blue two piece suit. Corporate glamour at it's finest. The fit was a dream on the model and her walk came across well leaving a positive impression of female empowerment. Don't even get me started on the revolution of suits - we'll be here all day ;)

Before I say anything further about the clothes.... let me just tell you, the smooth sexy funky 70s playlist was off the chain. I was literally grooving from the moment first model strut out on the catwalk. Cool way to set the atmospheric tone. Music, is everything at a fashion show. If that's not cohesive with what you're presenting... forget it. Game over, people.

The rest of the show was equally amazing - there's definitely some talented designers here in Melbourne.  I'm excited to get to know and see more of your work. Dare say the KLM readers will agree with me! The designers showing were Victor and Louise VintageThe Professor's DaughterMarci VintageStone Fever VintageGrandma FunkSafeena VintageLiberty's Heart and Ivy & White.

Congrats to Anne and the southside handmade & vintage market organizers for putting on this event for MSFW! :)

Check out below photos from the event taken on my iPhone (apologies for the quality!) and a sneaky 16 second video.

Allura xoxo

Megan (L) in E L L E R Y and Allura (R) in Alice Be Curious & vintage Saks Fifth Avenue
with Mariska, The Professor's Daughter
Got Pap'd! (photo courtesy of Southside Market)
The Professor's Daughter 
With Suzanne from Fashion Blog, Stylise
VIDEO click click to see! 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Paris, J'e taime: Photoshoot with Parisian Beauty, Foodgasms and Eiffel Tower Adoration

On my flight to Paris (via Zurich) from JFK airport with Swiss Air. A very strange (but admittedly handsome) Russian man, claiming to 'own all of Europe', sat next to me. He was curious; asked many personal questions and it became apparent he was probably someone I should reserve my usual disdain for, ex military and involved in some kind of shady business practices. He joked within the first 30 minutes that we should get married and then proceeded to propose. It was all very bizarre, inviting to join him onto St Petersburg to meet his family. All the while, I wore my grandmother's engagement ring, (on purpose) for such a nuisance to arise in transit. Shortly, after he fussed finally noticed the ring luminous in all it's vintage diamond glory at which point went to sit with his friend a few rows down. The next 10 hours were enjoyed in sweet silence. But not before said Businessman rushed to carry all my luggage to next flight, Paris! *smile*

(Want a little less travel babble and more piccies? scroll down to skip the travel memoir etc & see photoshoot now!) 

Paris, Je t'aime

Paris can mean many things to different people. A fantasy place always loved to visit in my dreams of faraway lands and through watching favourite films, TV shows, reading books, editorials and fashion shows. Paris IS a place of mystery and dreaming. The birth of many an artist and fashion designer that have changed the face of fashion (and my world!) forever. As picturesque as it is beautiful, reality plays close to hype.

The people have a curious haughtiness about them you might not have been expecting, but also an arrogant charm that makes me smile with delight. The food is near best in the world - always of highest restaurant standard even when dining at a smaller scale cafe or deli venue. I still reminisce a perfect lunch banquet enjoyed over one rainy (near blizzard) afternoon, for the price of $18 euro. Roughly about $24 Australian dollars. It was heaven, 3 courses of eating alone with my new favourite companion - French cuisine. Of course the meal was not complete without first being ridiculed by the questionably charismatic waiter for eating solo and making it such a hassle, to seat only...1. This dance became clear that it was how French men like to communicate. They either soothe you in oozing compliments, to excess or insult as a way to continue the dialog. Realising this early on, didn't want to participate in either banter so it was a slight annoyance getting the waiter to go away, so could then enjoy my 'sexy single world traveller' moment in the solitude it truly deserved. I can't remember everything ordered, onion soup, coq au vin and for desert - predictably fav white chocolate passionfruit brûlée with red. Okay, so I sort of remembered....every bite. Wouldn't you?! ;)

One afternoon on way home from Le Galeries Lafayette, got lost trying to find way back to hotel. iPhone battery had died, which thanks to Google Maps is my only navigation method abroad, and feeling especially sad because it just started to rain. My baby aka Canon 5DMKIII camera was getting wet, for some reason no taxi would stop. You have to formally book if want to be assisted - which means no phone = no taxi. A world away from hailing cabs in the streets of New York that became second nature. There's all these hidden rules in Paris you don't realise. As embarrassing as it sounds, I was near tears realising the absolute inconvenience of my situation. Before one salty geographically challenged teardrop had even departed my cheek, an old lady approached her dark emerald velvet glove was reaching for my hand. As I looked up to see, was completely blown away by the beauty of this stranger. Dressed in head-to-toe Chanel with Hermes bag.

A kindness radiated through her ocean coloured eyes that revealed not age, but wisdom. This stylish woman reminded me of my own grandmother, also a lover of Paris and fashion that had passed long ago. She spoke in French, which my 6th grade lessons from way back when barely understood. Upon handing over my hotel business card - the next thing I know, she is leading me by hand, walking back to the hotel. Which turns out, only 10 mins away.

I tried rather unsuccessfully to offer paying for a taxi back to where we first met, but she politely refused. Kissed on both cheeks and what can only assume was well wishes followed by lengthy advice on the perils of travelling alone? *smile* (my basic French stopped translating after Passez de bonnes vacances "have a nice vacation!"). She smiled and disappeared into the streets of Opéra, like an elegant cat glistening in the night against twilight. I will never forget that lovely random act of kindness. Sometimes, people can be angels, when you least expect and just when you need them. Thank you :)

The next day, decided to venture out again, this time to the birthplace of my idol, Coco Chanel's atelier. It was something of an experience walking to meet my favourite designers store. It can be likened to that of a first date, butterflies circulated in stomach, changed outfit about a million times before finally deciding on classic black lace with white, pearls, and red lips. Parisian chic. My hands grew clammy the closer I got to Chanel. Upon arriving, felt truly overwhelmed by the beauty that generously surrounded my eyes at every viewpoint. Not just the clothing that whoever should wear would feel full of new life and happy, the sales girls - model-esque looking and unapproachable, the curious customers equally interesting and high class, or decor that literally took my breath away. All the while, someone approached me speaking in French. The sales girl interrupted, along with some serious hand signals. I ask, "Excuse me miss, what did that couple just say to me?" "Pay no attention, Mademoiselle. They wanted directions and thought you were a Parisian. Clearly, you are not".
Haha funny, when a French girl is rude to me, I like it. If someone is rude in NYC, I'm offended. Fashion logic?! Mistaken for a Parisian, in CHANEL... Are you freaken kidding me?! Pretty sure that made my entire day.... Week, month, year. Well, you get the idea ;)

Photoshoot et Eiffel Tour

Photoshoot with Vanessa was confirmed very late the night before. It was lovely meeting this tall, elegant young woman, who like all French models - has no problem working hard and never complains that it's actually freezing outside, needs minimal direction (as she's already mastered the art of muse!) and stops traffic at every turn. *definite tick! (and this is why I love working with Parisian models the mostest) The French allure of such a muse is both mysterious and highly intriguing. We began shooting from my hotel window in Opéra, and in the surrounding streets before making it to the larger than life Eiffel Tower. Which in itself is an amazing sight. Literally took my breath away. Never seen something on that scale before. Naturally, I chickened out of the elevator ride to the top. Queuing in lines for more than 15 minutes and heights; soo not my bag.

We had about an hour and half together to make photo history. I am so pleased to share these photos with you all. Was worried we wouldn't have enough time to get to know each other to build a comfortable working rapport but I was wrong, it was ample time and love every single photo. Yes, seriously. LOVE.

Merci beaucoup to Vanessa Hulot for being such a lovely humble and professional model to work with. If you'd like to see more click click for her portfolio & booking info. Highly recommend!

Paris was better than anything I expected. If you haven't visited already, you simply must. What fashion girl could go without seeing and call herself a true fashionista?! ;) Already planning next trip! (fashion week, anyone?)

Allura xo

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Typography & Wordplay

There are very few things that I truly enjoy, for long expanses of time (and never get bored of!) - typography and wordplay. Combined and you've got my attention.

Expect to see more from Kitten La Moda..... like this:


Saturday, April 27, 2013

STYLE KITTEN #5: Jessica Cochrane

Jessica Cochrane, the enigmatic, bright eyed fashion-in-veins artist is one of Canberra's finest exports. Now based in Woolongong, working towards a design degree and fashion blogging with the best. (click click)

I have to say when first met Jess, was completely awestruck by her sheer raw talent, drive and ease with channelling her art form. For me, being from a similar arts/graphic design background - in many ways wish I'd been more like Jess - thriving as an artist instead of running the corporate rat race when beginning. To be driven by pure art and organic passion, is one of the most honest things you can do in this life.

Jessica will go far with anything she decides to do creatively. It's inspiring just hanging around someone so lovely! Naturally, this boho kitten comes from an artist family who were kind enough to allow us to shoot around their home and in her studio.

There's so much beauty and depth in what Jess creates. A knowing, story telling fashion illustrative approach to art. I remember visiting her working on the wall for LA DE DA bar, she was able to literally draft and recreate on this massive space. It was beautiful to witness the creative process happening live. I felt shivers - knowing first hand just how much work would go into such a piece of modern wall art brilliance.

Painting wall art at LA DE DA

Among the ridiculously gorgeous closet of high fashion items - one of my faves was a very cute pair of zebra wedge Jeffrey Campbell's. Have no idea how anyone actually walks in those bad boys, but do know I want to find out... ;) Jessica poses with an absolute command of her body, having modelled before as an artists model - she takes direction amazingly and really thinks of how to move in different ways to ensure a better photo outcome. LOVE that.

Hope ya'll enjoy the photos. We had a great afternoon working together on these. Admittedly, this shoot is from last season, and due to a world trip, finally posting today. I love them just as much now as I did then, am happy to share with you, kittens. Enjoy!

Have a beautiful day!

Allura xxx

Question 1: Tell me about yourself. - What do you do, What are your passions, What brings you happiness? 

Jessica: "Well I’m Jess. What do I do? Just stuff mostly. I work at General Pants Co. in the city playing with clothes all day and styling people up which is super fun. If I’m not at work then I’m usually avoiding my UNI work by painting naked chicks or taking photos and finding inspiration through clothing, music and late nights, or drinking coffee. Lots of coffee I am the sort of person who, if is not passionate about, or inspired by what they are doing, will fuck it off entirely. So I guess I am passionate about everything I involve myself with. Fashion, art, love, everything. Passion is what keeps me happy."

Question 2: Tell me about your work (& journey) as an Artist? How long have you been creating?

Jessica: "I’ve been drawing since I came out of the womb. I can’t remember a time when I was ever not drawing or sketching or playing dress ups. My dress up box when I was a kid was definitely enviable. The first artistic achievement of mine was probably having my work chosen to be exhibited in Head Space 8 at the National Portrait Gallery when I was in high school. When I got to college I studied art, graphic design and photography. And happily fell victim to hiding out in the art room at lunch sketching out images of models that I had torn out of every imaginable fashion and pop culture publication. I also started attending life drawing classes outside of college, which most people were surprised and curious about considering I was 16 and gladly drawing the naked female form. But I have never seen it as a big deal. The naked body is a pretty beautiful piece of work. I’ve always found women and girls are the main subject in my artistic work. Last year I started studying graphic design at UC but have felt more inclined to work as an artist and illustrator in the last few months. I made a blog to keep as a record of my work and through the blog, I have been offered amazing opportunities around Canberra such as painting a mural at the super cool bar, La De Da, and several exhibitions at other bars and rad spots. I’m currently working on a solo exhibition so I’m really allowing my self free reign. Its really exciting to watch this body of work progress and speak to you."

Question 3: Describe your style in 3 words 

Jessica: "Not too girly."

Question 4: Who inspires you, What style icons do you look to for inspiration? 

Jessica: "I guess if I had to sum up who and what inspires me and my style it would be anyone that brings their work to a personal, off-beat level and doesn’t give a toss what others think because they are doing it for themselves, not for others. "

Question 5: Who is your favourite designer/ artist? 

Jessica: "I can’t count on fingers and toes how many designers and artists and other things inspire me. I’m inspired every day by something. However, a few favourites worthy of mention are: Alexander McQueen, Gustav Klimt, Egan Schiele, Scott Schuman and his blog The Sartorialist, any dude or dudette cruising the streets, with their own sense of style, and Adelaide based graphic design company MASH. "

Question 6: What are your favourite fashion/accessory items of the moment? 

Jessica: "I have a crush on neon yellow at the moment teamed up with black and white."

Question 7: What are you dying to wear this winter? 

Jessica: "High waisted jeans and beautiful sheer tops, traffic stopping coats and shoes and curious accessories. I’m also dying over anything with a jungle print or palm tree print on it!"

Question 8: What do you predict will be trending this winter? 

Jessica: "Tessellated digital prints, high waisted jeans that are practically a second skin, And fur coats. Oh, and messy sex hair. "

Question 9: What is your favourite colour? 

Jessica: "I actually don’t have one! I have tried all my life to pick one but its too hard! I love them all! Embrace all colours I say! They’re all great."

Question 10: If you could choose a song that describes you, what would it be? 

Jessica: "Hmm, I’ve never had to think about this before. Flume’s remix of Zimbabwe by new navy."