Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dreamy Boho Photoshoot On Horseback

Earlier this year I worked with my beloved Canberra style team to create a dreamy earthy Wild West boho (on horseback) conceptual photo shoot that am super excited to now share with you, kittens. Modeled by KLM muse, Georgie Maguire, Dancer of Kokoloco Dance Studio & horse Bucky (gotta watch out for this boy, he'll steal your heart & lunch if not careful!). Hair design by the amazing Jessica Lewis and Make up by one of my faves, Lesley Johnston. Wardrobe styling by non other than Canberra's most fashionable stylist, Hannah St James. All in all, felt pretty fortunate to be shooting in a rural location away from the city. We worked on a friends farm in Googong, NSW to create this series. (Thank you Shannon and Kimberley!)

There's something uniquely beautiful about ditching the harsh studio lights in a dank room with white walls & get back to Mother Nature. Wide open spaces, fields of grass, sun bursts through clouds and the hint of animals around you. It was challenging working in changing conditions but definitely worth it. Having never really worked with animals before (unless you count insta selfies with my cat!) - it was a great learning curve with horses, specifically. Bucky was well behaved, a little young so made sure his trainer was on set. 
This may sound incredibly infantile but i do ever so wish every shoot could have animals at them! Put everyone in the happiest mood. It was lovely to be around. Positive vibes & laughs all day.

Perk of the job - sneaky selfie with one of the models!
Lesley MUA, Georgie Model & Myself

My favorite look was the first outfit selected by Hannah. Dreamy vintage white silk nightgown with peach lace dressing gown. Just adored the textures. Georgie looked so beautiful and carefree bohemian. Barefoot & ready for outback adventure!

Big thank you to the team & combined efforts in bringing this concept to life! 
Hope you like this editorial. Don't forget if you like it - comment on it!!! Which look did you like best? 

Allura xoxo


  1. Damn these gorgeous shots.

  2. Wow the photo shoot looks amazing, the outcome looks fabulous! :) I would love to have a photo shoot with horses as well!
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    1. Thank you lovely! Glad you liked the end result. Have a beautiful day x

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Michelle! have a beautiful day x

  4. Beautiful pictures! I lived in Australia for a couple of years (I'm French) and travelled around the country for 3 months, and to me, it's the most beautiful country in the world. My dream is to take my kids Downunder when they're a bit older.
    Mafalda ❤

    1. Oh I'm so glad you visited Australia - it's a beautiful place. Definitely unique to other parts of the world and worth visiting. Hope you get to come back with your children, sounds like a fun family adventure! Thanks for stopping by. Have a beautiful day! x

  5. Allura Malson takes amazing pictures! Awesome post.