Thursday, December 5, 2013

Happy First Week of Summer, Australia!

Que Onda, Kittens? Here in Australia we are celebrating the very first week of summer goodness. It's been a relatively frustrating start to warmer delights here in the Southern Hemisphere. Almost every day through November it rained, or maybe that's just Melbourne. ;) Either way I'm so happy things are finally heating up…. can you say cute outfits without carting around a gazillions jackets/umbrellas and other girly things that'll salvage your day when you've been rained upon? HELLYEAAAAH! COME AT ME SUMMER. Best season of the entire year. Happy days ahead.

As super powty as I get with this city's rainfall exceeding quota, you gotta admit on a clear day… It sure is beautiful! :)
So this is how I spent the first day of Summer. Soaking up some rays at my fav beach, St Kilda.

Followed by my favourite healthy indulgence, fresh strawberries. Can you say #hashtag: clean eating. Am I doing it right?!

Want to know what's coming up next on Kitten La Moda? My Summer Must Haves list & upcoming Style Kittens! (yes, you read correctly, there's more than 1 coming your way! YAYYYY!)

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