Sunday, September 8, 2013

MSFW: The Only Way Is Up Fashion Show

It's my favourite time of year: Spring Fashion Week in Melbourne. The benchmark for upcoming Australian style.... and best of all, when leaves start to change colour & flowers begin to blossom... warmer times are ahead! yayyyyy!!! CUE: EXCITEMENT! SEE YOU SOON, SUMMER.

Earlier this week I attended 'The Only Way Is Up' Fashion show. My friend, Mariska Thynne, the talented designer behind The Professor's Daughter label was showing. I went to the quirky event with my gorgeous friend & fellow fashion blogger, Megan Cook from State of Megan. Which as ironic fate might have it - we both moved from Canberra to Melbourne on the very same day. Pure coincidence. Or... fashionable fate, you decide. ;)

We had a fabulous time! The show was themed around vintage clothing, vintage inspired and upcycling emerging designers. Which, is kind of perfect for us as it suits our fashion tastes to a T. As a long time lover of finding old treasures in my local op shops and thrift stores... It was a feast to my eyes when discovered there were vintage stalls as well. Naturally, this happens on the week meant to be saving.... but it was fun exploring, nonetheless.

A much welcomed breath of fresh air as a few weeks earlier had attended another industry event and was less than impressed by the snooty environment. The universe sure has a fun way of balancing out your impressions when you move to a new city. Loving all the Melbourne Fashion events thus far - esp Fashion Week! So inspired and totally excited for the Australian Spring / Summer street style.

I can't wait to get creative with my style this season. Definitely have a few ideas to experiment with from the shows I've been watching. I'm thinking more floral (I know, gahhh how original!), geometric pattern layering, more black + white (this is delicious during any season), studded footwear + jewelled details and grecian boho inspired looks that rely on mixing different styles finished with gold metallic hair clips and elastic adornments - LOVE this look. That's just my personal taste; not necessarily what's 'in fashion' globally right this moment. </ end style rant>

The pre show was spent networking and chatting with designers, photographers and fashion bloggers. It was great - everyone was super lovely! Had some really interesting conversations, sipping on champagne, smiling for photo ops with new friends.

The show began with some strikingly strong pieces. I especially loved The Professor's Daughter range of new designs. My favourite was a high waisted royal blue two piece suit. Corporate glamour at it's finest. The fit was a dream on the model and her walk came across well leaving a positive impression of female empowerment. Don't even get me started on the revolution of suits - we'll be here all day ;)

Before I say anything further about the clothes.... let me just tell you, the smooth sexy funky 70s playlist was off the chain. I was literally grooving from the moment first model strut out on the catwalk. Cool way to set the atmospheric tone. Music, is everything at a fashion show. If that's not cohesive with what you're presenting... forget it. Game over, people.

The rest of the show was equally amazing - there's definitely some talented designers here in Melbourne.  I'm excited to get to know and see more of your work. Dare say the KLM readers will agree with me! The designers showing were Victor and Louise VintageThe Professor's DaughterMarci VintageStone Fever VintageGrandma FunkSafeena VintageLiberty's Heart and Ivy & White.

Congrats to Anne and the southside handmade & vintage market organizers for putting on this event for MSFW! :)

Check out below photos from the event taken on my iPhone (apologies for the quality!) and a sneaky 16 second video.

Allura xoxo

Megan (L) in E L L E R Y and Allura (R) in Alice Be Curious & vintage Saks Fifth Avenue
with Mariska, The Professor's Daughter
Got Pap'd! (photo courtesy of Southside Market)
The Professor's Daughter 
With Suzanne from Fashion Blog, Stylise
VIDEO click click to see! 


  1. I always find Spring time to be great for fashion - I mean who doesn't love a bit of sun right?!

  2. great event judging from the photos....
    IG @gracenjio

  3. It sounds be interesting.
    It is great even, right?

  4. i dig the black & white shots allura.. wish i could hear that 70's soundtrack . the 70's will forever be the definition of groovy.