Tuesday, November 9, 2010

rant. me. orange.

Why is it, there are days where you feel everything gets lost in translation? I don't know what it is about this week, but it seems every form of social interaction is interpreted incorrectly. Has the world gone mad? adding to my frustration, today, I witness a girl wearing a bomber jacket. Orange. Corduroy. Not entirely sure why this particular moment stands out to me, but my reaction seemed relvant. 'Prison break, anyone?' all the while I know here in Australia prisoners wear blue (I think? correct me if wrong) and in the states the colour of criminal is a loud shade of orange. Curious really as my favourite nail colour is a beautiful metallic orange by OPI.

My question from this seemingly insignificant moment is purely this - what part does media and what we watch play in determining our impressions of fashion? + strong reactions to fashion alike in my case, associating an item with a less than glamorous stigma.

Studies show marketing is all about how you present something. If you wrap an item nice enough and use the latest buzz words: 'organic' 'high end' 'eco friendly', chances are you will become the next pinnacle of consumerism yet. In case, you know, you like haven't already ordered that item in every colour available online. Then there's a negative association with fashion via icons. Be it through posters, uniforms, stereotypes etc

Or maybe I'm just over analysing this moment... making it more convoluded than is truly necessary. ;)

Off to dance class. <3

Have a lovely afternoon kittens,

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