Friday, October 29, 2010

healthy eating, love and fashion-- what else is there?

One week on. My hair has settled, given it’s not as ranga as previously first thought but has now resided as a pleasant cherry brown. I sort of like it, *gasps* I may even be missing the more intense colour. Moving on, to more important news....

Today I cooked my second healthy breakfast (scrambled eggs, with spinach and lemon + hot water). I’m feeling great! had originally intended to go back on my ‘detox’ which is my own customized diet of mainly the above for breakfast, brown rice with steamed vegetables (sometimes adding chicken), 2 litres of water daily and snacking on fruit and nuts – you do this for a straight 2-4 weeks. To say it is an easy diet is a little white lie.

I’m almost certain I have a sugar addiction. It sounds so silly, as I’m sure there is much more dangerous things to be addicted to – drugs, sex, alcohol, gambling, bad taste in men? I rest my case. What I haven’t really considered is that while sugar might be my friend now, that I turn to when I’m happy, or more frequently when I’m sad.... But in reality sugar is a sleeper assassin, waiting for its moment to wage war on your dentals...Oh my cavity, indeed! I’m rethinking the seriousness of my once considered ‘mild’ addiction, as I do not wish to join the list of ‘chicklet’ veneer wearing clones. Seriously. Ali Lohan. Need I say more?! (sorry kiddo, but it’s true)

When i’m not busy obsessing over my next designer purchase or daydreaming about vintage Chanel jewellery, I’m thinking about cooking something chocolatey and sweet. By no means am I a patisserie specialist. Quite the contrary, I’m the biggest Masterchef wannabe with no actual talent at learning the tricks and tips of the trade there is (read: no patience). I love tackling new recipes, attending dinner parties and for the most part being a quiet but consistent lover of food.

You know what comes with food almost in a blaring ‘I told you so’ disclaimer? Weight gain, bad skin, and other unfortunate side effects from the simple pleasures in life. Want to know my honest opinion on the matter? Who f------g cares! Unless your focus is on having a healthy lifestyle, do everything you love in moderation.

Yes, ladies, that means love in moderation too. Not how you love, but how much importance you place on those dearest in your life. I’ve seen a lot of my friends, and myself, admittedly be guilty of this. When you adore someone, you begin to lose sight of loving freely and become consumed by it. Also, you pull regular disappearing acts at friends dinner parties to nurse a sick boyfriend or get home in time to watch your favourite tv show with your beau. (spew!) Then I come to the second part of this equation, the more uncomfortable realization. You smother your partner by placing love highest rank in your life. When in reality, you should come first ALWAYS. A close second to that should be your passions, your friends and family, then your lover. A lot will disagree with me on this but a healthy balancing act goes a long way in ensuring your long term happiness and emotional stability. Consistency is the key to most things in life. Finding a balance and rhythm you can handle to make the most out of each moment.

I'll leave you with visual inspiration.... who else? COCO CHANEL.

Posing off until next time fashion kitties! xoxoxox

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