Saturday, October 23, 2010

Heya Fashion Kitties

My name is Allura. I’m a fashion photographer – model – designer by day, salsa dancer by night. I live in Canberra, Australia (don’t hold that against me!). I’m writing this blog because I believe although hard to find that my city does actually have style. I want to share our style with the world, inspire future outfits and most importantly, have a place to vent my fashion loves, hates and whateves else. Get me? ;)

Here we are. Now you know the basics. – entrĂ©e un |

Just this past week I modelled in a Hair show + Master class for International hair designer and stylist Jas. It was a real opportunity to work with this man, as he spends his working time divided between Perth and Paris. There were 9 models. A team of hair stylists to assist Jas, Make-Up Artists, and myself camera-in-hand capturing behind the scenes action when not required for the hair show. It was a great experience! I came to it with an open mind – normally the thought of someone changing my look, cutting and colouring my hair somewhat scares me. Like any woman who has become accustomed to the way she looks (and sees herself with what suits her) even the slightest change may seem too much. The cut is edgy, choppy layers but still long in length, all in all I’m happy with this. Check. The colour.... was bright red. Not entirely ranga red, but turned out more like a cherry ripe. Initially, I wasn’t sure about it, but after washing a few times – it has become a lovely, textured mahogany chestnut tone. Happy. Check.
peace. love. + chanel.

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