Saturday, September 24, 2011

Style Kitten #1: Maria De Los Angeles

It was a quiet sunny afternoon during the end of winter. My subject: beautiful Maria De Los Angeles. Celebrity chef in the making, Canberra based Panamanian model extroadinaire. Her quirky unique colourful style is evident in Maria's chosen looks. Where vintage meets designer and costume accessories are essential. We interviewed at her house then continued on to shoot the photographic side of our day around her neighbourhood. Even, catching looks by her fav flower, the Cherry blossom! <3
As always, it was an absolute pleasure working with such a fashionista! Hope her style helps inspire your future outifts... x
(interview to follow after photos!) Please note: there will be further editorial photos added soon.

peace love + chanel

allura xoxo

Question 1: What do you do? What are your passions? What brings you happiness?

Maria: "I'm a Chef. My passions are food, music and life. Not necessarily in that order :)
Making other people happy brings me happiness. "

Question 2: Tell me about your work as a Chef, how long have you been doing this? do you enjoy it?

Maria: "Being a Chef is an incredibly rewarding career. It's hard work that requires a great deal of commitment, passion and skill, but when you put your heart and soul into it the possibilities are endless. I love being a Chef, I recently finished my apprenticeship and I am now hands on in the overall kitchen operation, learning more and more everyday. "

Question 3: Describe your style in 3 words.

Maria: "Colorful. Bold. Funky"

Question 4: Who inspires you, what style icons do you look to for inspiration?

Maria: "My absolute number one inspiration is 'Carrie Bradshaw'. SJP is just incredibly stylish. After watching an episode of S&TC I put on my high heels and get creative with my outfits. What I love the most about 'Carrie' is that she wears what suits her, she is always feminine and not afraid of trying new things. Ultimate fashionista! Other beautiful women I admire are Gwen Stefani, rockstar and glamour goddess and Penelope Cruz with her amazing figure always flawless is a good role model for hispanic women."

Question 5: Who is your favourite designer?

Maria: "I'm not too familiar with many designers but how not to love Chanel and Dior, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana? Tom Ford is amazing and chic. Also love local Allanah Hill and Spanish designer Custo Barcelona and last but not least the amazing designers from Panama Michelle Zarak and Federico Visuetti."

Question 6: What are your favourite fashion/accessory items of the moment?

Maria: "Winter is almost over but I must admit I enjoyed wearing big coats and leather gloves. Dresses that embrace the figure in bloc colors with a big statement necklace."

Question 7: What are you dying to wear this coming summer? 

Maria: "Dresses and more dresses! Flowing skirts, loose tops with shorts and comfy fisherman pants with bright colored tops."

Question 8:
What do you predict will be trending this summer /11?

Maria: "Earthy, organic looks. Beautiful floral prints. VINTAGE influence."

Question 9: What is your favourite colour?

Maria: "Color in general I love, but my favorites are Yellow and Green."

Question 10: If you could choose a song that describes you, what would it be?

Maria: "Just a girl -No Doubt.  Edgy, playful and direct :)"

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