Thursday, May 24, 2012

Style Kitten #3: Jonny Cosmo

It's a Wednesday afternoon and I'm prepping for next style muse! The amazing cocktail connoisseur Jonny Day, charming man behind Jonny Cosmo.

By the time I arrive to his house (edit: downstairs bachelor pad) sunset is nearing. With light and time not entirely on our side, my nerves kick in to overdrive as not totally comfortable shooting in low light. But like all good things in life, we must first survive the challenge of new experience. Make the best of our resources, and succeed instinctively. Which is basically the pretext for: "I'm pleasantly surprised with the results we achieved” ;)

The very first thing you notice about Jonny are those eyes. Magnetic ocean coloured, piercing beyond a welcoming smile. It's clear the boy has presence. When you are in his company, whether it is sipping on insatiable 'can't have just one' cocktails at super stylish hippo bar or hanging out, it is a common understanding you're being charismatically disarmed.

Being the first photographer to shoot Jonny and discover not only does he exude masculine style and fashion expression but can pose effortlessly, in a way I’d expect from a more experienced model. Wooo! Another tick.

Evident by the amount of thought, pride and eclectic personal taste that goes into Jonny’s overall appearance. Judging from interiors alone, his love of design extends beyond beautiful pieces of rich mahogany furniture to quirky modern art one-offs. Vogue Living present on display (and a very hot youthful looking Keanu on the cover! yes!) I expect to see his style and home featured on the likes of 'the selby' someday. If he can find time away from chasing waves....

Hope you enjoy the results of our design filled convo hang out > style editorial shoot. 

Allura xoxo

Question 1: Tell me about yourself. What are your passions, What brings you happiness?

Jonny: "Happy people make me happy, I like making people happy and like being around positive people. I love hearing when people are following through with their dreams and ideas. It's inspiring and I always feel a boost of energy to keep pushing forward with my own projects.


Question 2: Tell me about your business ‘Jonny Cosmopolitan’, how long have you been doing this?

 "Jonny Cosmopolitan was an idea when I started studying Business and Marketing in 2009 and officially launched on New Years Eve 2009/2010. Jonny Cosmopolitan is a Cocktail Consulting and Catering Events Business. We offer two main products:

1 - Cocktail catering for corporate events and private parties.
2 - Cocktail and Bar Consulting for any hospitality business interested in selling cocktails or training their staff to make cocktails and be better bartenders."

Question 3: Describe your style in 3 words.

Jonny: "Versatile, Innovative, Alluring."

Question 4: Who inspires you, What style icons do you look to for inspiration?

Jonny: "Johnny Depp, Chris Cornell, Tom Ford. Anyone with a natural beauty about them. The weather always plays a role as well.


Question 5: Who is your favourite designer?

Jonny: "Tom Ford, Jack London"

Question 6: What are your favourite fashion/accessory items of the moment?

Jonny: "My new Jack London Hat, Black Suede Boots and of course my Turquoise rings.. All of


Question 7: What are you dying to wear this autumn/winter?

Jonny: "My big jackets, I have bought a couple over summer. I have a long wool coat that's rocking and a couple of nice suits waiting to be brought out."

Question 8: What do you predict will be trending autumn/winter '12?


Jonny: "Hat's i think guys will take the next step from baggy beanies to hat's. I have seen them come up in a couple of magazines." 

Question 10: If you could choose a song that describes you, What would it be? 

Jonny: "Getaway Car - Audioslave"



  1. fantastique photoshute belle Allura, what a remarkable person is m. Cosmo

  2. Amazing blog Allura!! Always so kind with you words. xxx

  3. LOVE this shoot! You look gorgeous in the last pic too x