Sunday, June 24, 2012

Winter Weekend: wrap up & dreaming out loud

I've spent the weekend in and out of doing a thousand things; partying with my friends (woo!), photoshoot, retouching work, cleaning (arrrggggh *spewtastic*) and now my domestic sunday has been conveniently hijaked by rewatching all my favourite movies.
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Painted Veil, Last Night, Babel and Volver.

It's a nice feeling reminding yourself just why those films meant more to you than others, to experience again consequetive frames of visual awestruck cinematographic artistry, defining moments that evoke relateable emotion and interpersonal character relationships and or achievements that leave you feeling inspired. For whatever it is, you are missing. 

Rewatching my faves has almost inspired two entire collections of fashion, inside my head. Wish you could USB that directly to photoshop. Would make for an easier discussion explaining just how you want your patterns made & prototypes designed. *dream*

Since I'm having a lazy creative day, what are some of your favourite films that you watch on these lovely dvd & comfort food winter sundays? Can I just also add...shizzz freezing up in the nations capital. Never envy me for living in the city of public servants and politicians...(laughable, I know!) Canberra sucks when it's cold! So cold you could die of frostbite. Sometimes can't believe I actually live here. But, it's home, you know? It's where I grew up. Where all the beautiful friends are. Where my sister lives. Although I never see her, I know if we weren't so close (geographically) there'd be a hole in my heart.

Today, I am daydreaming about fulfilling my dream to live, study, work & create in New York. I have applied for an arts residency thing, but not sure - don't get vibe that I've been selected. Just a feeling. So in an effort to live my dream of surrounding self by lovely fashionistas, designers and createurs alike - I leave you with some of my fave images of the big apple (including NY street style! LOVE). The Fashion Mecca of western style. You know it.

I bet you're wondering why in all my fave film watching, 'New York, I Love You' wasn't on the list.

ahhhhh, maƱana....

Have a beautiful day kittens!

<3 xoxoxox

(edit: I have lots of draft posts coming your way over the next few days! Get in my crazy perfectionista moods & refuse to post anything live until my words are just right... hence the drafts haha as you can see - today was not one of those days! Not to worry bloggerspace, I haven't forgotten about you. )

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