Sunday, August 7, 2011

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Somewhat out of sorts, today. There's a bleakness to the constant days that begin and end with rain. I'm left feeling misplaced - almost entirely because in my mind I'm longing for that balmy Summer day reminiscing of simpler times. In reality it's the last month of Winter here in Australia. Torn between being where I want to be (St Tropez) and where I actually am (Canberra). All my plans are about to unfold.... excite!!  ;) In the effort of warming, if nothing else - my mood; I've dedicated this post to my favourite time and Summer fashion style. French Riviera aka resort wear.

When I think French Riviera fashion: nautical, stripes, black/white/grey/navy/red pallettes fused with simple understated jewellery pieces come to mind. Occasionally teamed with colour pops and or blocks. Allowing balance of simplicity with elegance.... only a real french woman can truly perfect! But for the rest of us, inspiration follows.... x

LV 11/12 resort

Celine Resort 1


Marc Jacobs spring 2011
  nautical bathing suit      

Hello Sailor... ;)

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