Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Trending: Winter Fashion 2012

Note: this was drafted beginning of aussie winter, ooops! we're now spring flinging through to warmer southern hemisphere delights. Let's pretend this is for my euro/american friends currently approaching fall. ;) x 

Heya Kittens,

Once again the next season has already snuck up upon us. Where crimson coloured leaves fall at our feet, winds sweeping and passionate, that transitory limbo time between fire and ice. The beginning and end of summer flings. A reminder cooler times are on it's way. The Australian summer, if you can even call it that, was the least impressive it's ever been. Think I enjoyed more sunny days whilst volunteering in India (in their winter last year), than I did laying by Broulee beach on a questionably 'hot' afternoon. Mind you, in India, the only place I was safe to bare flesh was rooftop tanning. Much to my kid neighbours delight, where we would play 'bang, bang, you're dead!' until his mother called for dinner time and I would resume sunset 'meditation' (also known as my excuse for designated sun worship) to calm the mind in such a busy place. Plus it was my only escape from a house full of some 10 volunteers. Not terrible by any means, but if you normally live alone, with your demanding but lovable cat. Culture shock, granted.

Around this time of year (like clockwork) I resume my winter staple. Burgundy. Anddddd lots of it. (luckily for me this happens to be the 'in' colour of the moment! WINNING) Beret, Scarf, Handbag, Cardigan. You name it, I'll return to earthy tones and remember why layering is the most amazing fashion style for personal expression there is! Also, let's not forget knee high knit socks... Teamed with bodycon mini backless dresses and black sequin crop blazers... *delish!* gahhh so many options! Not enough parties?!

What are some of your fave go-to-winter staples? It can be anything. knit lace leggings, that snug old jumper you can't seem to throw out (not to be confused with the snuggie! ew...hello?!), leg warmers, poncho etc Whatever it is, I want to hear from you ;) comment. comment. comment. xo

Winter Fashion Trends: KLM STYLE

The Perfect Winter Trench 

For me, the perfect winter trench is double breasted. Tailored to purrfection. Classic, but not dated. Audrey-esque with a hint of couture quality. Ideally, without the hefty price tag. Navy, Burgundy, Red, Black, White or Cream (if we're being specific!) preferably with possible feature buttons (gold, silver, coloured) and military stitches. Which to the normal fashion gal, seems all but impossible to find! Depending on your body type and what works for you (fitted, cape, long, etc) it's important to have a warm but wearable solution for the icier times ahead. Something comfortable you can pair with your cute layered outfits. If you're a busy fashionista, you won't have hours to colour match every single outfit to your outerwear. Honestly, what sexy working chica has that kind of time? I recommend neutral 'safe' colour choices. Black, Cream, White, Navy. If your budget allows, stretch out your winter collection to feature colours as well, army green, burgundy, grape, fuchsia, turquoise, electric blue. I like to have one beautiful coat for the three months of literal frozen hell. Usually black or cream. Keep it simple, elegant and beautiful. Instead of buying excessive seasonal fashion you like, buy one thing you LOVE. Treasure. Adore. Collect. You'll thank me later! ;)

Second Skin (skinnies, leggings & tights)

Want to know the secret to being comfortable, looking skinny (no matter your body type) and feel realistically sexy without having to put in hours of style prep? Skinny jeans. Leggings. Skin tight pants. There's something incredibly empowering about wearing pants, as a woman, but even more sexy if they're skin tight. Second skin, as I like to call my favourite black skinnies. When I'm wearing these babies I not only feel in control of my style, but also quite proud to be showing off my curves via subtle confidence. Normally worn with an oversized white shirt, maxi gold necklace, structured blazer and kitten heels or wedges (day/night). I've asked my friends - they all have agreed, in one way or another, wearing this simple casual style has made them feel good about themselves. *tick! I made a point of asking different types because we all have impressions of what works for us in reference to height, weight and skin tone. Majority of my ladies-that-lunch felt comfortable. Sharing similar sentiments by choosing this quick fashion fix for achieving carefree pretty. It's fun too! There are soooo many options out there for making this look your own. From prints, textures, metallics, cutouts to denim and material variety. Every season is another opportunity where you can reinvent yourself, style or otherwise, and explore new possibilities. Fashion should be no different... ;)

The Bat-Cape

Sienna Miller rocking a red riding hood cape. I am currently in the process of designing my new winter staple. (also, worth noting for the less than experienced sewer - can be a totally easy DIY weekend project!!)

Colour Blocks

Colour blocking not exac new but certainly popular. Looking at fashion with the way it has been evolving around colour gradually moving towards more colour pops & ombre lights. Have to admit, kind of love it. Prints & colour NEVER get old. colour + mismatched print in the right colour opposites = LOVE SO MUCH!!!!!! Don't even get me started on the ombre fascination. SRSLY. We'll be here foreves. Some are cautious as this may be yet another fad (refer to: jeggings, the 'belt purse' aka ridiculously renamed everybody's fave: fannypack & hypercolour tees etcetc) that will probs guilty of following but personally, I just can'ts get enough of it....in my hairstyle, nails, design. If you're more of a softer belle can always opt for pastel pretty to lighten your closet pallet.  Your colour blocking play-style does not have to be limited to bolds, in order to create the same effect. If you are looking for tropical inspiration: street style women of spain and brazil have my vote.


While I may not be overtly sold on this look, do own a few feature pieces that have the peplum ruffle signature. You can see it everywhere now. Do you likey? I love it in the early 90s and my strapless, bone structure corseted leopard print h&m dress but.. does it really have to be on every single top & dress avail? EVERYWHERE?! Just gonna go right ahead and say it - FAD. You'll be bored of it, maƱana. If not, wear it, love, style & ignore. Not the biggest loverrrr of all 90ties revival.

French Lace - every girl's best friend

If you were to meet me tomorrow you'd probably be greeted by an annoyingly chipper girl in a white lace maxi dress. Possibly, with a bow in her hair. That's just how I roll... 'Lace Addict' does not even come close to describing this unhealthy (and often redundant) fascination with the prettier textures of Parisian inspiration. I genuinely think lace suits everybody. Every girl should wear something pretty, feminine and sweet. We spend too much of our lives trying to grow up, act our age, that we forget to embrace the softer aspects of beautiful material pleasure. And, more importantly, dress-ups! Ditch the power suit and add a little girly detail to your collar. (and everything else. always. always.)

Luxe Leather

Lisbeth Salander eat your heart out. Structured, studded, quilted, modern twists on the leather persuasion. Not limited to rocker children of the new world, any longer. Embrace your inner rebel (bad boys & bad girls alike) without the social stereotype. My most coveted and favourite leather-play has to be the Balmain matador inspired collection RTW '12. Every piece designed with impeccable detail, sophistication and vegas flair. Elvis, be proud. The variations of how you can wear it are pretty amazeballs - high waisted shorts, jackets, leggings, fingerless MJ gloves and even crazy colour options.
No matter how you choose to wear your edgy companion, wear it with the confidence and the killer attitude leather demands.

That's all for now, kittens. Epic entry right? Can't help it. Fashion excites me! :)

COMING UP NEXT: style feature (interview & editorial) on the beautiful Emilia. Love this girl's style. She is kind of ahhhmazing.

Get pumped.... until then, here's a little preview



  1. Great post! I like how you've mentioned lets pretend its fall :) In india, we face a combination of summer and fall every october. Its crazy hot in the day (hotter than summer) and chilly at nights! So we have summer in the day and fall at night!

    1. Thanks June! Yes, I remember that about India! crazy weather... still pretty amazing x