Monday, December 17, 2012

back from travelling the world!!!! :):):)

It's been a reeeeeaaaally long time since last post. I hoped to blog the whole way through my world trip, but it just didn't happen. Along with reading many books from the harvard classics list, learning a new language and becoming proficient in fashionable international liaisons. Suffice to say, none of those aspirations happened. Although, jet-setting for 2 months: almost every week travelling to a new country - There just wasn't time to mentally process and prepare new content for you, my darlings. I missed you of course, terribly. Just hope my little hiatus to see the world (& grasp some much needed life experience) hasn't lost you forever! but I do have some exciting news to share. On a couple of different fronts! (yay!) As already aforementioned, my next post will be on the lovely Emilia. (double yay!) coming this week. see previous post for her teaser image. kind of AHHHMAZE.

World Trip - spent time in Playa Del Carmen (Mexico), New York (USA), Paris (France), Zurich (Switzerland), Barcelona (Spain) and Marrakech (Morocco) over 8 weeks. Fashion shoots in Mexico, NYC, Paris & Barcelona.... coming your way very soon! I'm very very excited to share. It was fun, challenging and all in all a great experience working internationally with some of the beauties of this world!

Literally, just flew in last week back home to Aussyland. Crazily jetlagged and still attempted to maintain the usual social routine with my gorgeous dancer friends at our school Kokoloco's annual diamonds ball. It's one of my fave events of the year, because you get to see so many different people's takes on fashion. We have a theme each ball, it's really fun and interesting to see where the inspiration from the theme can go. 'Diamond' this year - so there was a lot of sparkly classy ladies & handsome boys in suits...and maybe even a cute waiter or two. If you could get off the overflowing energy filled dance floor to notice. Oh and tequila.... Had a greeeeeaaaat night!

I wore a divine beaded, sequinned, jewelled black and bronze 70s glam vintage dress - fresh from my new york tour. Acquired at a quirky, sought after vintage boutique in the east village. 'Angela's Vintage'. Just quietly, totally adore Angela. She's a sweetheart and picked this for me! It was a perfect fit. The rest is history...

Kokoloco Samba Belezas

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