Wednesday, April 10, 2013


The beautiful Polish-Australian beauty, Emilia, my next feature. Had the pleasure of working with her when just started photography professionally. It was such a lovely afternoon shoot. I was quite 'green' and still finding my feet in the Fashion Industry.

We shot spontaneously by the windy but calming waters of Lake Ginninderra in Canberra. With the help of local makeup artist extraordinaire & one of my now close friends, Tracey Mcmahon of Creative Makeup.

Emi, having not modelled much before instantly hit each shot with poise and model expression purrfection. I remember thinking how exhilarating it was to find that professional connection, with photographer and muse. The kind that just 'worked' flowing in a way that was both comfortable, and productive for the concept at hand.

Shall we say, we have come from humble creative beginnings to our reunion editorial for the KLM feature :)

 first shoot with Emi, MUA: Tracey McMahon

When I think of Emilia, Audrey Hepburn comes to mind. Gentle in nature, birdlike and delicate, with a sensibility of someone beyond her years. She's accomplished, well travelled and extremely artistic - which makes for quite the wonderful conversationalist on set.

Allura xoxox

Question 1: Tell me aboutyourself – what do you do, what are your passions, what brings you happiness?

Emilia: "I’m a 22 year oldinsolvency accountant - I work with underperforming businesses to assist themin restructuring and turnaround planning. While I am an accountant by trade, Ilike to think I’m not quite as boring as the stereotype! I have a love of the outdoors,morning coffee, snow, travel,cheese,photography and movies. Nothing makes mehappier than a walk on a sunny day!"

Question 2: Tell me about yourwork as a Portrait Photographer. What do you enjoy most about shooting people?

Emilia: "I first picked up a camera in 2008 when I starting shooting dance music events.My love of taking pictures of people grew from there.... there is justsomething about faces that I'm drawn to. Feelings and emotions can be capturedso vividly through a person’s eyes and expressions. Each face is so unique - Ireally enjoy depicting the beauty of that uniqueness through photographs. " 

Question 3:  Describe your style in 3 words?

Emilia: "The 3 C’s -comfortable, cute and chic!"

Question 4: What style icons do you look to for inspiration?

Emilia: "I love the styles ofVictoria Beckham, Audrey Hepburn, Miranda Kerr and Lana Del Rey. Classic andedgy."

Question 5: Who is your favourite designer?

Emilia: "To be honest, Ireally don't have one! At the moment, I'm loving Alexander McQueen and RobertoCavalli."

Question 6: What are your favourite fashion/accessoryitems?

Emilia: "I can never go pastan oversized handbag and a bold, statement necklace."

Question 7: What are you dying to wear this Autumn?

Emilia: "Boots boots boots!Given our fortunately warm climate in Australia, these babies only get to comeout of the closet a small period of the year – and I cannot wait!"

Question 8: What do you predict will be trendingthis season?

Emilia: "Burgundy colours and(faux) fur!"

Question 9: What is your favourite colour?

Emilia: "Turquoise!!!! Irecently bought a beautiful eel skin wallet in the most outrages turquoisecolour."

Question 10: If you could choose a song that describesyou, what would it be?

Emilia: "Michael Gray - Theweekend......I am constantly waiting for the weekend to begin."


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