Sunday, April 21, 2013

You Cannot Stop New York City: A Ballerina, SoHo rooftops and BrooklynBridge at twilight


I hope you are having a beautiful end to your weekend. It's sunny here, although literally freezing... Anyone who knows me personally, will attest am quite affected by cold weather. It genuinely offends me, lol so should you wish to kid-nap from the Australian Winter - ready, packed and willing!!!
- Still writing from Melbourne, chillaxing in my hotel room briefly before heading out again. :)

It's so lovely retracing my creative steps from world photo tour that today am sharing my second stop photoshoot: NEW YORK CITY. Featuring a very beautiful Swedish Ballerina Julia Bengtsson, now based in NYC at the world renowned, Joffrey Ballet School.

My friend Kari introduced us, who also happens to be a very talented Australian Opera Singer and together they live in an artists/creatives alike talent household in the big apple. On a very cold windy some might even say - moody NYC afternoon that lead into evening, we shot on the rooftop of my gorgeous fashionista friend ('Timeout's Most Stylish New Yorker'!) Emma's quirky pink apartment in SoHo/East Village area. (link: more of Emma's fabulouso style!) and followed by iconic Brooklyn Bridge, at twilight.

The thing you learn about NYC early on - it really is all about the networking. It took me a little while to get my head around the general concept, but now makes total sense. It's a slightly different way of doing things professionally/creatively than to how it works in Australia but you certainly see results - so why not see what happens & enjoy it if it works for you, too! :):)

Julia is the rare kind of dancer you meet full of pure innocence and a (contagious) lust for life. She's incredibly gracious and humble. All in all, one of those sweet people you look back on working with, think to yourself "that really is the epitome of a lovely person!" and smile. Not to mention, fresh faced Swedish beauty with high cheekbones any photographer would lovelovelove. (NOTE: scroll to end for photos!)

New York, I Love You

When I arrived to JFK airport, after being upgraded to first class from Cancun (yay!) and the inflight soundtrack to my Manhattan experience that played in background was none other than Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" I felt excited for the possibilities the big smoke might hold. The first time my driver went through Times Square, I actually screamed!

Thankfully first impressions aren't always last. NYC and I didn't agree on my first night, people were rude, even one uppity bizznatch threw a $1 bill at me when asked for directions on Fifth Avenue (yes, srsly! people suck) all the while I was dressed in stylish black lace with gold. Clearly, not a homeless person. Bitch Crazy. Of course, this bizarre moment is worthy of laughter now! :)

The concrete jungle did make me often feel small and swallowed by the congestion of endless high rises, swollen masses of people at every turn but once you get into the swing of things, like anything in life, you: evolve. Adapt. Well....almost. I still have 100% zero directional skills (can't be trusted with a map - scratch that even google maps!) and refuse to ride the subway alone, as one fine evening in the early hours of too many cocktails and a great dress, found myself on the wrong side of town.

Apart from getting lost constantly, New York began to open doors at every wrong turn. After getting lost, and finding my friend Alice, who was interning at the UN offices, I there met Emma, who welcomed me with open fashionista kindred spirit arms and from there we met her good friend Frank, who just happens to have worked on my favourite movie ever (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) and the four of us went to a fantastic dinner at one of the East Village's finest Lavagna's. Probably the best Italian food, I have ever eaten. In my life. 

We end up at the history enriched punk rock bar, Manitoba's and randomly met some cool well known Aussie musician's from Melbourne band, Clairy Browne And The Bangin' Rackettes, on their US tour.

Later during the week Emma & Frank took me to a Fashion Benefit for Hurricane Sandy in SoHo. We drank way too much, I posed too much with models and met some 'famous' peeps - didn't realise were even famous. (oops!.... famous is such a relative term, anyway)

While NYC wasn't exactly Sex and The City for my time spent in the Upper West Side, paraded with an influx of dates from the chuck bass's of the island or designer sample sales. It was.... real! If you dream about a city for as long as you can remember, of course it's going to be different in real life sans rose tinted glasses.

I love New York more now remembering the quirks, unexpected encounters and even struggles - I miss the rude pushy people, smiling with strangers, and of course the beautiful male models at Abercrombie ;) It's been REAL!!! I'll be back for Fashion Week, NYC. Some day soon.

Allura xxxx


  1. What amazing shots!

    1. Thank you so much Viviana! such a photogenic city - not to mention shooting a gorgeous ballerina helps! Have a beautiful day x

  2. Allura, have enjoy your words about NYC, a city I always love to visit:) I also will scream when will reach Times Square! You are an amazing photographer, the shooting is just stunning:) Love classic dance and ballet so I heart the photos:) Kisses! xo

  3. Wow, such beautiful photos! Thanks for stopping by the blog! xo, Julie

    1. Thank you so much Julie! That's so sweet of you. Glad you likey! Have a beautiful day xx

  4. Thank you Lilli! so lovely of you to have read my post :) hehe Times square can be pretty wonderful at the best of times! Thank you for your kind words. Have a beautiful day! xx

  5. Fantastic post and photos, you painted a beautiful picture with your words and topped it off with these amazing photos!

    1. Thank you Jonny! Happy you liked the post - New York is a wonderful place. You HAVE to visit! & Would suit you to a T, x x