Friday, April 12, 2013


As some of you may have noticed, haven't been the most consistent blogger of late and this is something I'd like to rectify. Sure, could blame it on my recent world travel, exciting life + location changes and whatever else might keep you from making it a priority... Would like to (officially) work on changing that! -- also start by adding some amazing new content that's been waiting to be posted! (check back tomorrow! hint hint) :)

Over the past few months, have been thinking about where I'd like this little space of fashion free speech heaven to progress towards and before start thinking of the bigger future picture to where that might lead, would like to update more regularly for you, my lovely kittens, to have something fun and reliable in your newsfeed to look forward to ;) (here's hoping!)

This is just a little heartfelt THANK YOU from me to you, my dear followers. To say thank you for reading, agreeing or disagreeing with me through my posts and being part of this wonderful journey.

Much love and positive vibes your way wherever you are in the world. Hope however your day is beginning or ending, that it's a beautiful one....


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