Thursday, March 15, 2012

Collette Dinnigan: Creates Ice Fantasy in Paris

As the only Australian designer showing at Paris Fashion Week, there's understandably a lot of pressure riding on Collette Dinnigan's much anticipated darker 'Snow Queen' collection (inspired by the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale). As if there really was any doubt in anyone's mind that the artista would disappoint. Shock, maybe. Of course, but disappoint, it's near impossible when you are a creator of such renowned feminine allure. I find myself captivated once again by the pull of mysterious make-believe. Lost somewhere between the icy delights of high end lace and the ever so inviting eye catching luxury bead work. There is a strong Gothic influence evident in the materials and custom lace used. As a lover of all things lace, crystal + beaded; this is basically the visual expression of my fashion hearts' desire.  <3

Dinnigan's self described 'Snow Queen' Ready to Wear 12-13 Fall collection showcases a maturity and depth new to her repertoire. Not to say previous designs were without inherent meaning, but simply show a softer more pretty range of emotion. I adore the exploration of darkness.

Although her pulchritudinous trademarks have not been forgotten, Dinnigan discovers a more edgy dramatic rocker style (with a rock n' roll soundtrack to boot!). There's a certain whimsical fantastic quality to the dreamy fairy tale creations.
I know if I ever found myself wearing one of her opulent designs, it would be something where dreams might align with reality. If only for a moment. One of those poignant milestones in your fashion life, where you get to be the Snow Queen. One night only.

At the end of the day, that's what fashion is all about! Creating beautiful illusion where we get to be anyone we want. With the right hair, makeup, clothes, heels & accessories.... WE OWN THE NIGHT!

Must see - lush lush lush black velvet trench, delicate lace knee highs & ankle socks, custom french lace + icy snowflake beaded structured dresses & navy silk show stopper with sparkling crystal embellishments....TDF!!!!!!!!!

My personal faves (almost half the collection!):

last image: the showstopper 'hero' dress of collection.

(all photos courtesy of website respectively)

posing off until next time fashion kitties.

allura xo

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