Friday, March 30, 2012

Us Folk Magazine Launch Party


Last Friday my friends and I attended the fabulous launch for Indy publication: Us Folk. It was a lovely evening networking and finding my fellow Canberran artist folk (I've often wondered where they all hang out). Refreshing being in the proximity of like minded peeps, also driven and focused on art. A welcome change from the monotonous public service surface level pleasantries.

Smith's Alternative Bookstore was exploding with hipsters and kindred spirits alike. The kind of night time activity you wouldn't normally see at a local bookstore. Although, I'm told it's not your average bookstore. They supply vino to the masses! day or night. One of a kind, indeed. Felt immediately at home and in good (attractive) company. Naturally, the first person I meet also works in the creative space. Instant conversation and smiles flow.....

Funny, attending parties like this it's so much more Melbourne than it is Canberra. Which is if you know anything about Australian states - you'll know I'm referring to a certain cultured community. Where the beautiful and creative are never found alone, yet you can't find one without the other.

Congratulations to Ash Peak and Juliette Dudley on the creation of this exciting new local mag. 
It's beautiful, glossy pictures (esp love the photograpy & quirky illustrations) and full of interesting content. Can't wait to see what they create next!

THANK YOU to amazing street style photographer Si Pham for permitting use of shots from the night, as featured below.

things to note: rockin' baby with faux fur vest - fashion forward & totally rachel zoe (circa '2010), awkward pose by me & muso friend and close up of my shoe addiction....need I say more?!

allura xo

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