Friday, March 9, 2012

Featured on Wardrobe Worship! yay! x


Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to the lovely Meg of Wardrobe Worship for the feature. <3

Totally appreciate your support. Meg, one of my oldest dearest sweeeetest friends (& muses!) I met through working in the industry. Whom I am also hoping to interview (+ shoot) while she's visiting Australia on a mini holiday from London this weekend.... ;) Fingers crossed our schedules work out!

In case the suspense is already killing you - I'll leave you with some vintage meg + allura creative collaboration....

She's the bella on far right in the first foto. Was a fantastic day working with some of Canberra's most talented beauties & an international Mexican model. The conceptual photoshoot was for my portfolio, cK inspired. The main focus being working with different elements such as a large group of models, in a studio environment and getting water-happy! Great day. (To see some of the BTS: click click)

Please follow the link to check out the feature!

peace, love + chanel,

allura x

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  1. You are both an amazing model and a talented photographer!! Fantastic pictures!!