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Style Kitten #2: Georgie Maguire

Hola Kittens,

ahhh.....Deliciousness. Finally my first shoot + interview has arrived for the year of twenty-12. Good to be back. It has to be said, kind of excited for my return to fashion photography. The mini summer break was nowhere near long enough, if only to momentarily allow palpable workspace for new creative thought and once returning to normal (real) life - left with that same feeling of missing bohemian abandon. *sad face*

Meet my gorgeous muse with style, poise and class well beyond her 17 years of age....

Georgie Maguire.
Model. Dancer. Zumba Instructor. Fashionista.  Kokobaby. Lover of all things GG and quite possibly my fave partner in crime for the late night facebook goss & boy talk sesh.  XOXO

For someone so green in years, the kids got wisdom beyond those baby blues. It's a curious story how we met, she was learning dance through my sister's studio Kokoloco. ( & yes you guessed it, shameless plug o'clock strikes again! click click). I've known Georgie since she was kitten-size starting her training in latin american dance as a performer and proud to say I recently got to see her fast paced Salsa team routine at the Canberra Multicultural Festival. It was totally ahhhmazing! All of her hard work and committment paid off. Nothing but front row love + cheer for my koko familia! (curious? check out the videos from the performance here, under feb updates)

Some hot chocolate dates, an instant friendship, a portfolio photoshoot and intense discussions on fashion later, we get down to bidness. We decide as her style is refined and classic to go with a BW-esque approach. Seeing as I basically idolise, adore but not entirely limited to worshipping the Fashionista + Queen Bee that is GG's Blair Waldorf. Inspiration ignites!

Unfortunately our gorgeous chuck bass model was unavailable on the day. But not to worry kittens, you'll meet him soon enough.... let's just say, you won't be disappointed. ;)

We shoot on the worst day in the history of Canberran summer weather. ever.  Agust with thunderstorms, harsh sunlight, random rainbows <3 and other unfortunates that made the day unpredictable. Challenge accepted. Your move, mother nature. Come at me! 

....Pretty sure we laughed the entire time whilst surviving flash flooding showers and overly keen sun bursts. We shot majority of editorial at the National Library of Australia and her house.

Hope you enjoy the mini editorial and BTS! We'd love to hear your feedback. so... don't be shy :)

<3 allura x

Question 1: Tell me about yourself. - What do you do, What are your passions, What brings you happiness?

Georgie: "I am a student in the last year of college. My passions consist of a wide range of things, but my main passion would have to be dancing! I dance at a latin dance studio (Kokoloco) and absolutely love it! The people, the atomosphere and the dancing make me who I am. I am also a Zumba Instructor, which is so much fun, I love teaching! Making people smile and laugh really does bring me joy, I know that is a bit of a cliche response but it is totally true. Seeing someone smile makes me smile too!"

Question 2: Tell me about your hopes for the future, What would you like to do when you finish you school?

Georgie: "At the moment I am not entirely sure what I'd like to do. I am just following my passions and getting as much experience as I can in the fields I think I'm heading towards. I would love to say something artistic but you just never know! I'm definately taking a gap year next year and going travelling"

Question 3: Describe your style in 3 words

Georgie: "Fun, classy and creative"

Question 4: Who inspires you, What style icons do you look to for inspiration?

Georgie: "One of my inspirations would have to be Audrey Hepburn. She had such class and flair (and totally gorgeous!) What more could you want?!
I also get my inspiration from the TV series Gossip Girl, I absolutely love the fashion. Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsen have such different styles but I admire both!"

Question 5: Who is your favourite designer?

Georgie: "My favourite designer is the late Alexander McQueen. He had such beautiful collections and raw, provocative fashion shows. My favourite Australian designer would probably have to be Alannah Hill, just love her work!"

Question 6: What are your favourite fashion/accessory items of the moment?

Georgie: "Favourite fashion item would have to be black lace tops and dresses, when paired correctly can look so classic and stylish! I am also wearing a lot of rings and bangles at the moment, love them!"

Question 7: What are you dying to wear this autumn?

Georgie: "I would love to wear more dresses! It hasn't really been a true summer, so I didnt get to wear many! Although, I do love wearing big trench coats paired with a nice scarf and beret! So chic!"

Question 8: What do you predict will be trending this autumn '12?

Georgie: "Going off what I saw online from Milan Fashion Week, lines and patterns will be trending this autumn, but then again, Paris Fashion Week had a lot of designers tending to move towards earthy colours so I'm just not sure! Mixed feelings on this one, all I can say is that I cant wait for something new!"

Question 9: What is your favourite colour?

"I dont really have a specific favourite colour but if I had to choose it would be either blue or purple"

Question 10: If you could choose a song that describes you, What would it be?

"Dont worry, be happy" - Bobby McFerrin 

 Behind the Scenes with the Amorosa Street Style series....

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